Biological-medical section

Dr. Mareike Göritz

LDC - Lead Discovery Center, Dortmund
MPI for Biophysics, Frankfurt
MPI for Enzymology of Protein Folding, Halle
MPI of Immunobiology and Epigenetics, Freiburg
MPI for marine microbiology, Bremen
MPI of Molecular Plant Physiology, Golm
MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences, Göttingen
MPI for Psychiatry, Munich
MPI of Animal Behavior, Radolfzell

Dr. Dieter Link

DESY, Structural Molecular Biology, Hamburg
Ernst Strüngmann Institute, Frankfurt am Main
Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society, Tübingen
LDC - Lead Discovery Center, Dortmund
Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, Jupiter USA
MPG Unit for the Science of Pathogens, Berlin
MPI for Biology, Tübingen
MPI for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen
MPI for Biological Intelligence, Martinsried and Seewiesen
MPI for Brain Research, Frankfurt
MPI for Chemical Ecology, Jena
MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
MPI for Evolutionary Biology, Plön
MPI for Geoanthropology, Jena
MPI for Infection Biology, Berlin
MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig
MPI for Molecular Genetics (incl. Otto Warburg Laboratory), Berlin

Dr. Ingrid Kapser-Fischer

LDC - Lead Discovery Center, Dortmund
MPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried
MPI for Biology of Aging, Cologne
MPI for Heart and Lung Research, Bad Nauheim
MPI for Medical Research, Heidelberg
MPI for Metabolism Research, Cologne
MPI for Molecular Biomedicine, Münster
MPI for Molecular Physiology, Dortmund
MPI for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden
MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences, Göttingen (Departments & research groups of the former MPI for Experimental Medicine)
MPI for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne
MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg

Chemistry, Physics, Technology, Software

Dr. Lars Cuypers

MPI for Biogeochemistry
MPI for Chemistry
MPI for chemical energy conversion
MPI for chemical physics of solids
Fritz Haber Institute of the MPG
MPI for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems
MPI for Coal Research
MPI for Colloids and Interfaces
MPI for Polymer Research

Dr. Bernd Ctortecka

MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization
MPI for Solid State Research
MPI for Gravitational Physics
MPI for Meteorology
MPI for Physics
MPI for physics of complex systems
MPI for Solar System Research

Dr. Wolfgang Tröger

MPI for Astronomy
MPI for Astrophysics
MPI for Iron Research
MPI for extraterrestrial physics
MPI of Nuclear Physics
MPI of Microstructure Physics
MPI for the physics of light
MPI for Plasma Physics (IPP)
MPI for Quantum Optics
MPI for Radio Astronomy
MPI for Structure and Dynamics of Matter

Gökçe Özyurt

MPI for Informatics
MPI for Software Systems
MPI for Intelligent Systems
MPI for Security and Privacy