targenomix: Development of new plant varieties

© MPI for molecular plant physiology

Prof. Dr. Lothar Willmitzer and his fellow scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology play a leading role in the research of signaling pathways and metabolic processes in plant cells. Their work is not only essential for basic research; it also has great economic importance, as it contributes to the development of new plant varieties.

At targenomix, a spin-off company founded in 2013, the researchers explore how the countless components in a cell – genes, RNA molecules, proteins and other products of metabolism – with their seemingly unmanageable diversity, interact. To this end, the scientists increasingly rely on computer models to analyze the enormous amount of data.

In 2022 Bayer announced the acquisition of Targenomix. The Targenomix expertise, personnel, and platforms will be an important part of delivering on Bayer Crop Science’s commitment to the design of safe and effective molecules, and will accelerate the discovery and development of molecules with the potential to make agricultural production more sustainable despite dynamic challenges like climate change, and increasing weed, disease and insect resistance.