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Cold plasma treatment reduces the use of antibiotics or cortisone and does not cause allergic side effects or pain. The plasma care® product line developed by terraplasma medical GmbH for this purpose, which uses cold atmospheric plasma in medical technology, is to be expanded further in the future.© terraplasma medical

The majority takeover of terraplasma medical GmbH by Viromed Plasma GmbH, a company of the Viromed Group, was announced today. Terraplasma GmbH, a spin-off of the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for extraterrestrial physics, will continue to be involved in terraplasma medical as a partner in order to continue contributing its expertise in the field of cold atmospheric plasmas in the future. With plasma care® terraplasma medical has developed a mobile medical product and launched it on the market, which can treat chronic and acute wounds with its plasma technology, which is based on research results of the MPI.

The aim of Viromed and terraplasma is to jointly build the world's leading company and innovation leader for medical products with cold atmospheric plasma in a wide variety of medical fields of application.

Cold atmospheric plasma inactivates bacteria, multi-resistant pathogens, viruses and also fungi in a highly effective physical-chemical way. Its use in medical technology can revolutionize, supplement and, in some cases, replace conventional treatment methods, for example in surgery for postoperative wounds to avoid infections. In nursing, cold atmospheric plasma offers a therapy option for chronic, often long-term and non-healing wounds. Cold plasma treatment reduces the use of antibiotics or cortisone and does not cause allergic side effects or pain. The plasma care® product line developed by terraplasma medical GmbH for this purpose, which uses cold atmospheric plasma in medical technology, is to be expanded further in the future.

Clinical experience over the last few years has shown that this new form of therapy, in addition to its bactericidal and healing properties, offers additional benefits for the healthcare system: e.g. a reduction in care and wound dressing costs or, in postoperative use, the avoidance of complications and longer hospital stays. By reducing the use of antibiotics, the resulting resistances can be avoided and less anti-inflammatory drugs can be used in dermatology. Ultimately, successful therapy for diabetic feet or open legs, for example, significantly improves the quality of life of the patient.

With the entry of Viromed, the already existing, very successful cooperation is to be significantly intensified and expanded. This applies in particular to the broad marketing of the plasma care® product range, says Uwe Perbandt. The Perbandt family is the owner of the Viromed Group through its holding company, Perbamed Invest GmbH.

Jens Kirsch, CEO of terraplasma medical GmbH, is pleased to have won an extremely strong sales and financially strong partner in the Viromed Group. Dr. Julia Zimmermann, CEO of terraplasma GmbH, a spin-off of the Max Planck Society, is enthusiastic about developing innovative medical products for various medical applications together with terraplasma medical GmbH and establishing them successfully in the market.

The departing shareholders of the investor group around Kuenheim Familiaris GmbH are proud to have accompanied such a successful company development, says Fabian von Kuenheim.

Max Planck Innovation, the central technology transfer organization of the Max Planck Society, has accompanied terraplasma GmbH from the beginning in the context of advice, patenting of research results, licensing and as a shareholder representative.

Together with the MPG spin-off terraplasma GmbH we are pleased about the great success with the subsidiary of terraplasma medical GmbH, in which, among other things, findings from basic research on cold plasma at the MPI for extraterrestrial physics have already been successfully applied to patients . We wish terraplasma and their new strong partner Viromed Plasma every success in developing and introducing new products from terraplasma medical GmbH for many other medical applications.

Ulrich Mahr
Member of general management at Max Planck Innovation GmbH

About terraplasma medical GmbH

Terraplasma medical GmbH, based in Garching near Munich, was founded in 2016 by terraplasma GmbH, a spin-off from the Max Planck Society. The idea: Use of the antimicrobial and tissue-regenerating effect of cold plasma in medicine and care with a small, handy device for stationary and mobile use. In 2019 plasma care® was approved for the treatment of chronic wounds, in 2021 the plasma derma care® for the treatment of skin diseases induced by bacteria and fungi. The plasma intensive care, a device for reducing the bacterial load in the oropharynx in ventilated intensive care patients, is currently in the approval process.

About Viromed

The Viromed Group, based in Pinneberg near Hamburg, has been producing disinfection devices with the aid of plasmas and ionization for professional use in hospitals and practices for more than 15 years and is recommended as the only manufacturer by the German Association of Pneumologists and Respiratory Medicine. Viromed commissioned SARS virus studies in security laboratories as early as 2005 and has since become the German market leader in pandemic control with products for hygienic protective measures, among other things. Masks, disinfection devices for diagnostics, etc. Rapid antigen tests, point-of-care antibody determination and real-time PCR test (rRT-PCR) as well as for digital networking. Viromed has a sales network with over 1,100 hospitals, over 2,000 old people's homes as well as 7,000 pharmacies and 12,000 medical practices. The Viromed Group is also the main supplier of antigen tests and room fans in many federal states, federal ministries and many large DAX companies.

About Max Planck Innovation

As the technology transfer organization of the Max Planck Society, Max Planck Innovation is the link between industry and basic research. With our interdisciplinary team, we advise and support scientists at the Max Planck Institutes in evaluating inventions, filing patents and starting businesses. We offer industry central access to the innovations of the Max Planck Institutes. We are therefore fulfilling an important task: The transfer of results from basic research into commercially and socially useful products.

Further information can be found at www.max-planck-innovation.com


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