Tech-Transfer TV

We support scientists in transferring their research results into commercially successful products and services. Our new video series was created in collaboration with the BMBF to offer you flexible access to crucial aspects of technology transfer - regardless of whether you are just starting out or are already familiar with the topic of technology transfer.

What awaits you?

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive collection of videos that concisely and understandably explain the processes, key terms and fundamental considerations of technology transfer. Our "information packages" were developed to make it easier for scientists with a wide range of prior knowledge to access relevant topics.

We are your partner on the path to commercialization

Our video series is more than just an informative resource – it is a step on your path to commercialization, and we are your trusted partners. Max Planck Innovation actively accompanies you on your path from the laboratory to commercial application. We cordially invite you not only to benefit from our extensive range of knowledge, but also to seek personal contact. Our experts are ready to answer your questions, discuss challenges and work with you to develop tailor-made solutions - together we will shape your success. Start now and arrange your personal consultation.

Stay tuned

Our video series is continually expanding! Check back regularly to discover the latest videos and continually deepen your knowledge in the field of technology transfer. It's worth coming back and staying up to date.

Nr. 1: Fundamentals of Technology and Knowledge Transfer

Nr. 2: Intellectual Property Basics

Nr. 3: Mastering the Patenting Process

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