Gründerveranstaltung Start-up Days

Start-up Days

With the digital event we continue a long tradition. For the ninth time, the joint Start-up Day organized by the transfer offices of the Fraunhofer Society, the Helmholtz Association, the Leibniz Association and the Max Planck Society will take place on September 29, 2021.

The four major German research organizations invite those of their scientists who are interested in founding a company. The event offers a wide range of information on all relevant topics of profit and non-profit start-ups. In interactive lectures and practical workshops, the participants learn from experienced „scienpreneurs“ and experts how to set out on the path to their own company.

Get inspired and motivated by learning about the Lean Startup method. Apply for one of our two interactive online workshops (limited number of participants) with experienced spin-off coaches.

More information and registration can be found on the Helmholtz website:


Start-up & Portfolio Manager

Sebastian Meyer-Borchert


Phone: +49 89 / 29 09 19-42

Assistance and Administration

Elker Heller

Phone: +49 89 / 29 09 19-25