The clearing procedure

Questionnaires are first filled out by the participating parties of the founders, the corresponding Max Planck Institute (Managing Director and Head of Administration), the MPG General Administration and Max Planck Innovation. Based on this, Max Planck Innovation and Department VIIc of the MPG General Administration compose a factual description as well as a legal appraisal, presenting these as a draft resolution to the clearing body.

The clearing body is staffed with employees of Department VIIc as well as the Legal Department and Structural Development of General Administration, Max-Planck-Innovation GmbH, the Commissioner for Compliance and Corruption Prevention and the Revision Department of the MPG (Chair). The personnel who have formulated the draft resolution cannot decide on the draft resolution.


The cleaning body endeavors to implement the procedure promptly. However, please coordinate with Max Planck Innovation at an early stage when the clearing procedure should ideally be introduced. As long as a clearing procedure is not finalized positively, Max Planck Innovation cannot conclude any license and participation agreement with the spin-off.

Furthermore, the clearing body will be pleased to indicate the right contacts to you at any time within the General Administration for questions specific to the spin-off, e.g. on topics such as utilization and cooperation agreements between the Max Planck Institute and spin-off or regarding any secondary work approval that may be necessary in individual cases.