Expertise Meets Innovation (EMI)

The aim of this measure is to provide sound advice regarding the development of viable business models. In particular, preparations for the start-up, development of the project as well as formulation of a licensing model can thus be planned and realized in line with professional and standard industry criteria – according to professional and industrial criteria. To this end, we can strengthen your team with the following specialists:

  • Industry experts
  • Interim managers

The use of an industry expert gives scientists industry and market-specific know-how in start-up, license and patent projects through:

  • Industry-specific development expertise
  • Industry-specific market and sector knowledge
  • Analysis of competitive situation, market potential, sales channels etc.
  • Industrial contacts and cooperations
  • Advice on quality standards as well as legal and regulatory framework conditions

The application is defined as specific terms of reference. The application period is typically 3-5 days. The selected industrial experts are sector-specific freelancers or employed in relevant positions in industry. They work on a fee basis and are made available to the spin-off or license projects directly by Max Planck Innovation.

The positive feedback reiterates just now helpful and successful the use of an EMI industry expert is:


The meeting helped us tremendously. We shall also be delighted to use such discussions with the aim of recognizing and resolving unclear points.

Real food for thought about how to develop our strategy.

The workshop was extremely helpful and valuable.

We also see a need for similar discussions and their benefits in future, so as to prepare a foundation and market launch optimally or study the market and changes in more detail.

Interim managers can make a major contribution to achieving the start-up and financing maturity as well as rapid project progress with their support and advice. An interim manager is deployed in the pre-seed phase in order to actively prepare the start-up. He or she makes a time period of several weeks to several months available to the founders here.

The deployment of an interim manager also opens up the opportunity for “founding without founder” in individual cases. Thus promising spin-off projects can also be nurtured towards foundation and success without a full-scale accompaniment of the “scientific founder”.

Our own experts database plus our extensive industrial network help us to provide adequate personnel support founder teams with high-tech projects.


Project Manager EMI

Jillian Mayer


Phone: +49 163 / 8899904