Max Planck Innovation offers access to the inventions from the Max Planck Institutes
Accessing Inventions from Max Planck Institutes

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The Max Planck Institutes are engaged in numerous disciplines, from astronomy and cognition research to nanotechnology and zebra fish genetics. They are highly regarded as national and international centres of excellence, and their scientists publish more than 15,000 scientific articles, books, conference reports and other publications each year Ideas flourish in the institutes that can revolutionize industrial processes and change people’s lives. For example, the so-called FLASH-technology in magnetic resonance imaging and the novel cancer treatment Sutent® are both based on the research work of scientists from the Max Planck Society.

Accordingly, our range of technologies and inventions is innovative and multifaceted: from new microscopy techniques as well as the characterization and synthesis of new materials, to stress-resistant plants and novel tumour-suppressor genes. We out-license software as well as novel materials, antibodies and catalysts.

We are also happy to find suitable partners for a research collaboration. However, collaboration agreements and the coordination of collaborations are within the responsibility of the individual Max Planck Institutes.

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Technology offers

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  • Contractual arrangements